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Hey, I’m Cerita


I believe in solving problems with code, creativity, and collaboration.


#100DaysOfCode – Weeks 3, 4, and 5

#100DaysOfCode – Weeks 3, 4, and 5

Where Have I Been? Don't worry - I am still very actively participating in this challenge. A few life events have come up recently that pulled focus some days, but I remain dedicated to seeing this through to the very end. What I've Been Doing freeCodeCamp has updated...

#100DaysofCode – Week 2

Ah, week 2. The week that you start to realize that sheer excitement and adrenaline are not long-term motivating factors. It's when you realize that the sleep you were willing to give up the week prior is not sustainable. Of course, you may find that this happens a...

#100DaysOfCode – Week 1

Day 1 Completed Day 2 of #30Days30Sites - Event Invitation. I created a simple wedding announcement landing page with an RSVP button using HTML and CSS. I feel a bit out of practice on the design side, which was also the most challenging part of this project. The...